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Stone Age Type make books.

Books no one will ever read.

Language falls apart before your eyes.

Culture never to be the same.

Persnickety and voluptuous creations considered.


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n e w   d o w n l o a d —

islandverse by Audacia Dangereyes

islandverse (3.4mB pdf)
by Audacia Dangereyes

Girl spends summers on island & overhears random & non-ordinary conversations. Lush island landscape is enticed by mysterious messages lurking within abstraction. Girl loves to show off her new texts, words will always be voluptuous.

Available in paperback:

104 pages, 6 "x9", $14 ppd.



atlanTopia by mIEKAL aND

atlanTopia (945kB pdf)

The 4,918 words of atlanTopia were generated from the complete and combined vocabulary of “Utopia” by Thomas More (1616) and “The New Atlantis” by Sir Francis Bacon (1623). This mashup is an unexperiment in Utopian non-creativity lovingly constructed during a 3 month vacation from creativity May - July 2006.

Available in paperback:

56 pages, 9"x7", $10 ppd.